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Classical Greek sculpture by combining physical and digital techniques—‘Crush’ by Adam Parker Smith

The Hole L.A. presents six new sculptures by Adam Parker Smith in the form of Crush, the artist’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery. Working with a team of master carvers, a seven-axis reductive robot and the digital research teams at museums like the Uffizi, Adam Parker Smith has rendered some of the greatest hits of Hellenic and Baroque sculpture in 3D modeling programs, before compressing each digital form into a compact cube, and meticulously chiseling the sculptures out of a Carrara marble block.

Smith has a long-standing interest in classical shapes, but this exhibition represents a monumental departure for the artist, both in terms of materials and scale. Smith’s new Carrara marble sculptures, each occupying a cubic meter, are at first glance instinctively recognizable and strangely shocking, as if the canon of classical sculpture had been run through a garbage compactor. 

Source: designboom

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