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Classicism and modern elegance mingle in this Ukrainian ice cream parlor

This futuristic ice cream parlor opened its doors in Odessa, not long before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict started. After a couple of weeks, the windows were covered with wooden boards and it was doubted for a long time whether it can ever open again­—until now. Introducing TAIU.

TAIU or ‘TAЮ’ means “I’m melting” in Ukrainian, perfectly implying the purpose and the repertoire of the place: the menu features exclusively different ice creams and juices. The basis of the architectural concept was also the name and the ice cream itself. Since the parlor’s located in an old historic building, the emphasis on the context was also part of the concept.

Creator of the interior Sivak+Partners architecture studio aimed to come up with a unified space with a simple and clean solution: the symmetry of the classicist ornaments dominating the ceiling is balanced by daring, metal-covered, curved walls. In order to highlight the elegance and refinement of the design, the ventilation ducts were hidden behind the metal shafts. The purple color light behind the logo in the interior is also part of the concept, and it’s reflected in different shapes on the walls of the room, creating a special atmosphere. As the creators emphasized, “we’re hoping the war in our country will be over soon, so we can return with new projects.”

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