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Comfort in the middle of the Caucasus | Fifth Season

Besides natural wonders and adventurous hikes, the wild Georgian mountains hold other surprises too—here you’ll find the Fifth Season, a perfect place to recharge your batteries. Nesting in the valley, the building and the mountain range melt together, offering an extraordinary visual delight: whether you admire the magnificent scenery from outside or inside, it is a magical and fascinating experience—as the images of Georgian photographer Louisa Chalatashvili prove.

Relaxation with a touch of excitement, closeness to nature, impressive surroundings, privacy—whatever your reasons for visiting Georgia, you’re in the perfect place, as the Fifth Season is a great combination of eastern comfort and the harshness of the mountains. Fifth Season is actually a spacious mountain lodge resting near the small Georgian village of Juta in the Kazbegi region. Even the access to the site is out of the ordinary, with visitors having to climb up on horseback, dirt bikes or perhaps on their own two feet—a beautiful adventure in itself.

The lodge consists of several private rooms and communal areas, the most interesting of which are the suites overlooking Chaukhi Mountain, which guarantee panoramic views over the entire wall. The building is constructed with local stones and other materials, ensuring harmony with the environment. The Fifth Season is more than just an ordinary holiday destination: in addition to the fusion of high altitude and luxury, it offers a wide range of experiences such as discovering local electro and other music, off-road riding, bonding with the hosts, or most importantly, experiencing freedom in the middle of nowhere.

The spirit of the place is best conveyed by local photographer Louisa Chalatashvili, whose images capture the Fifth Season and the landscape with a special sensitivity. In Louisa’s photos, you can feel the balance between nature and the mountain refuge.

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