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Comprehensive book on the works of Imre Makovecz gets published

Celebrating the publication of the book titled Szubjektív Makovecz Jegyzetek (Subjective Makovecz Notes), the Imre Makovecz Foundation and Hello Wood invite the public for a roundtable discussion.

Many know the name of Imre Makovecz, but few know and understand his oeuvre in depth. The Szubjektív Makovecz Jegyzetek aims to change the current situation by investigating the opus from several different aspects. It was originally designed to serve as a university teaching aid for the Hello Wood Architect Mustra creative camp planned for last year, thus bringing the subject of architecture camps to young students. The publication was created with the support of the Makovecz Imre Foundation, by whom elements of the opus have been compiled, organized, and registered.

The launch of the book will be held on Thursday, June 10 at 5 pm in the Kobuci Kert. The authors of the volume, Márton Beke (Közös Pontok), Lőrinc Csernyus (Makovecz Foundation), Péter Haba (MOME), Nóra Fekete, Dávid Smiló (Paradigma Ariadné), with whom Péter Pozsár (Hello Wood) talks, will take part in the free event. More details to be found on the event’s Facebook page.

Source: Press release

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