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Mobile wearable contemporary art | Skechers X Miklós Kiss

Miklós Kiss is a designer, visual artist, winner of numerous international awards, and one of the most exciting and internationally well-known creators of the Emograms. The typical Emograms of Miklós render words in a creative way without text, in a universal emoji language. Skechers Street™ UNO—Stand on Air is a classic white sneaker that goes well with everything, giving the perfect basis to canvas Miklós’ bright yellow trademarks and messages, in this case in the form of shoelace ornaments.  

Exciting things are always created when a big brand collaborates with artists, so their features and trademarks come back to us on pieces we already know. The world-famous shoe brand has now provided the basis for Miklós Kiss’ Emograms on a clean, white surface, so that they can prevail prominently. 

The marketing management of Skechers in Central and Eastern Europe contacted me, and they came up with this whole idea of a collaboration with the brand. I was very happy about this, because these collaborations are always very favorable for both sides, especially since more people can get to know many artists this way,” Miklós said.

In the planning process of the collaboration, it was important to choose an existing shoe model and to make an art work that does not break down the shoe, but leaves the surface completely intact, yet the essence of Miklós’ work appears on it.  

We thought of it all as a canvas, and so we chose the white shoe, where the yellow Emograms look good. That’s how a pair of shoes become a creation. They are not traded—apart from the basic shoes, of course—but are specifically designed for events where only those invited get shoes. There has been such an event in Belgrade, Zagreb and now Budapest, and we are going to Bucharest, too,” Miklós added.

For the event series, 5 Emograms were selected out of 99: sexy, snob, love, free and peace.

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