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Contemporary arts and artists in downtown Budapest

Fortunately, there are many contemporary art exhibitions in Budapest, but walking through the streets, you rarely think that many great visual artists live in these houses. Belvárosi Művészeti Napok (Downtown Art Days—the Transl.) draws our attention to this by giving artists from the 5th district the opportunity to present their work.

For the third time, the BMN exhibition series presents the works of artists in the center of Budapest, providing a cross-section of the current situation, trends and tendencies of contemporary Hungarian art, as well as the different generations and approaches. The exhibition will provide an insight into local values and fine arts for both the residents of the district and the wider public.

Artists: Zsófi Barabás, Áron Baráth, Domonkos Benyovszky-Szűcs, Márton Gerber, Pál Gerber, Ilona Keserü, Bea Kusovszky, Lóránt Zuzu Méhes, Márton Nemes, István Nyári, Réka Raffai, Márton Ruskó, Júlia Végh, Kati Verebics, Gábor Véssey

Venue: Széphárom Community Venue (Szép Street 1/B, Budapest, 1053)
The exhibition will be open from 22 September to 20 October 2022.

Source: BMN Kortárs

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