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Contemporary collage exhibition opens at a unique venue in the Balaton Highlands

In the small village of Sáska, in the Balaton Highlands, a former library building will give space to an exhibition housing paintings and objects created by thirty-five contemporary artists and will also be presenting pieces from a special private collection. The exhibition, organized by Collage ROOOM, is open to visit between July 9 and 12.

The idea behind Collage ROOOM boutique gallery was inspired by a small Scandinavian collage museum—open twenty-four hours a day—located beside a Norwegian forest. Opened in 2016 and renovated with the help of volunteers, the wooden hut has welcome artworks from across the globe, including thousands of visitors over the years. In Hungary, the Collage ROOOM is now hosting an exhibition titled NÉZD MEG JOBBAN (look closer), featuring close to 100 contemporary collages.

Why collages, one might ask?

“It would be wonderful, if as many people as possible could get to know and love the genre and technique in Hungary as much as we do, so that more and more people could view a seemingly useless object or part of an image in a new way, with a new interpretation, by putting it into a new context,” says Katalin Baracsi, one of the founders of Collage ROOOM,adding that the boutique gallery, which similarly to the Scandinavian project, will be open twenty-four hours a day, is planning to open in 2022.  To get in the mood—if you fall in love with the genre or a specific piece while at the exhibition—the opportunity to purchase is also available, throughout the ongoing exhibition.

The works of Sára Richter

“Participants include Zine creators in their twenties as well as artists with long-established reputations in the international art world. Some artists will be making paintings on the wall, but we also want to invite the general public to visit our room, named the Amateur Tearer, where visitors can experience collage making firsthand. This diversity is a good reflection of what we think about the genre: it’s very democratic (no technical skills required), accessible, brave and at times it’s even environmentally friendly, in terms of reimagining and reusing pieces of materials and objects that often seem worthless” mentions Andrea Kurszán Kovács, co-founder of Collage ROOOM.

The Works of Anett Sz. Eszteró

The exhibition features thirty-five artists and the collection of Ákos Vörösváry/Latványtár:

Andrea Ausztrics, Bertalan Zsili Babos, Bp. György Szabó, Csenge Csató, Miklós E. Zsemberi-Szígyártó, Krisztián Gál, Amanda Hertelendi, István Horkay, Judit Lóczi Horváth, Eszter Kárpáti, Péter Klimó, Stella Koleszár, Anna Korolovszky, Milorad Krstić, Gábor Márián, Katalin Mózes, Alexandra Nádas, Susanna Lakner, Rozina Pátkai-Áron Tihányi, Sára Richter, Vanda Róbert, Ede Sinkovics, Péter Somogyi/Szarvas, Anett Sz. Eszteró, Sári Szántó, Zsófia Szemző, Kati Székelyi, Judit Székely, László Szlávics Jr., Lili Thury, Flóra Varga, Zsuzsanna Várnay, Katalin Verebics, Dóra Vimola, Ákos Vörösváry / Latványtár Collection.

The Works of Andrea Ausztrics

NÉZD MEG JOBBAN Exhibition (9-12 July 2021) | Collage ROOOM, 6 Rákóczi Street, Sáska 8308

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