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OHNODY introduces her new album with a theme song for a film by Oscar-winner Kristóf Deák

After her highly successful 2020 album, Dóri Hegyi, the artist behind the name OHNODY, will release a new album this spring. The song “Szívememben őrzöm” (I Keep It in My Heart), which was written for the feature film The Grandson, is the forerunner of the new album, for which the singer-songwriter has also produced a video that she directed herself. The images are personally inspired, and she admits that each frame feels as if the viewer were leafing through her visual sketchbook.

“Szívememben őrzöm” is about understanding the cycle, acceptance, and the butterfly effect. The short film for the song was directed by OHNODY herself, complemented by the cinematography vision of Géza Vadas. The images, which may seem abstract and dreamlike at first sight, are all symbols that refer to specific eras, theories and views, and thus have universal validity.

The personal, photo album-like images are interwoven with more global symbols: the three dancing girls, for example, represent both the mythological Charites and Erinyes, that is, the goddesses of mercy and beauty and anger. The composition is also one of the theme songs of the Oscar-winning Kristóf Deák’s debut feature film, The Grandchild, and a taste of OHNODY’s upcoming full-length album coming out in spring.

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