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Facebook has changed its name—Meta made its debut

The Zuckerberg empire is expanding with a new parent company. Towering above Facebook, Meta will now represent the network’s ambition to reach a billion people by focusing on “metaverse” experiences and services.

On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new company structure and its core, Meta, at the Facebook Connect, or AR/VR Developers Conference. Their goal remains to bring humanity together.

The Facebook Company Is Now Meta | Meta

“But now we have a new North Star, to help bring the metaverse to life, and we have a new name that reflects the full breadth of what we do and the future that we want to help build.”

In the future, the company won’t be primarily interested in Facebook, but in creating a metaverse. According to their plan, users won’t need to be Facebook members to use other applications of the network.

Source: Variety

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