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HIGHLIGHTS | When water cries for an object

Ever since ancient times, humans have used tools for their various activities. Harnessing and enjoying water is not possible without objects, so by now, we have perfected the design of our water-related utilities. Now we’re showcasing some of these highlights, join us!

Whether it’s brushing your teeth, boiling water or paddling, making the most of water conditions is essential in designing an object. We may not realize it, but even the bristles of a toothbrush can serve to retain moisture to help toothpaste foam. In the case of kayaks, the plastic hull not only helps to create streamlining but also plays an important role in maximizing water repellency.

When a designer is thinking about creating a water-related design, it’s inevitable to draw inspiration from the natural environment. The organic nature of water, its rounded, playful purity, makes the designer of the object adhere to these values and aspects. Of course, a rebellion against the established order can also produce an outcome contrary to these. It is also a clear rule in object design that everything is decided at the moment of use. This is why it often happens that the design is, unfortunately, unable to override man’s natural attraction to organic forms.

We are now presenting projects that illustrate our relationship with water through a range of objects, from Turkey to the UK. Let’s see!

MAGNITO toothbrush | Istanbul, Turkey
hossein Alfidehfard

Line | Kettle Concept | Istanbul, Turkey
Elif Bulut


CARIBOU – Touring kayak | Warsaw, Poland
2sympleks Design

Joseph Joseph Loop | London, United Kingdom
Blond Ltd

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