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Craftmanship, art and technology | Wnoozow

Meeting the past and the future in the present: the Wnoozow studio is a really exciting example of how the technologies of the last century can be brought closer to today’s trends. Daniela Danielis and her colleagues create a world that allows for the collaboration of design, tradition and sustainability.

The Wnoozow textile and tapestry manufactory was founded in 2016 by Daniela Danielis, who had the very important goal of reviving traditional Czechoslovak textile processing. The main activity of the manufactory is the weaving of handcrafted upholstery and fabrics with the addition of a specific, artistic taste.

The studio could be described in three words: craftsmanship, art and technology. These are closely related and together create the unique ars poetica of the manufactory.

Each of the Wnoozow creations is unique in that each process is made by hand, the material used is processed manually from yarn spinning to natural dyeing, according to original, handcrafted customs. This also includes the fact that all upholstery is made locally and they only work with local materials and local manufacturers. Respect for the environment and the promotion of slow fashion are especially important for the studio.

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