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Creating with colors—the meeting of Bauhaus, suprematism and contemporary design

Simple shapes with a complex color palette, a harmony of light and composition spiced with suprematist style features: Ukrainian-born Daria Zinovatnaya creates objects, furniture, carpets, or even complete interiors on the border of art and design. Let’s see!

Daria Zinovatnaya was born in Crimea, Ukraine, and currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. She studied architecture and urban planning, and during her university years she worked in several design offices, but over time she realized that she wanted to start her own business and create objects of interest to her. “I always like to come up with new and interesting things and work with colors. The process itself inspires me during designing, it’s important for me to also love it—I’m trying to put that feeling into my objects,” Daria said. The designer has a wide portfolio: in addition to object creation, she also undertakes interior design projects. “When it comes to interior design, I like to create new spaces with unique elements; in the case of object design, I always start from the basics, ” she added.

Her visual world is characterized by distinctive, bold shapes and colors that evoke the style features of Bauhaus and suprematism combined with contemporary design. “I don’t think I could say I had role models in particular, I was much more inspired by the era itself, that is the early and middle of the twentieth century. I feel that the fields of design, graphic design, art and architecture are all closely intertwined and full of similar elements—this peculiarity also resonates in my work,” Daria detailed.

Her favorite commissions include the carpet collection for the Spanish Gan brand, which debuted at the Madrid Design Festival and won the 2020 NYCxDesign award, as well as the porcelain tile collection for the Italian brand Ceramica Bardelli, which consists of sixteen different decor tiles suitable for floors, walls, indoor and outdoor use.

Daria is currently working on the design of several products, including one that will make it easier to create cozy and beautiful interiors in our apartment. Follow Daria’s work on the designer’s Instagram or Behance page for more details.

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