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Creative children’s book illustrations from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The purpose of the illustrations can be manifold: sometimes they connect us to the author’s fantasy world as a bridge, at other times they are the most important tools of the book, but the lovely figures of the visual world can also attract interested people to the publication. We’ve put together a bunch of special children’s book illustrations from Eastern Europe that provide an unparalleled visual experience.

Agata Królak: Teo thinks | Poland

Where do our thoughts live? Agata Królak’s picture book is for really determined and curious kids. The author and illustrator of the book are both Agata, whose drawings faithfully reflect the visual expressions of a five-year-old, so we can identify even more with the emotions and thoughts of our protagonist.

Eszter Metzing: The second book of princesses | Hungary

Tibor Zalán’s storybook with drawings by Eszter Metzing is a magical journey. The precisely created characters are both realistic and magical, as well as ugly and beautiful. The illustrations are so real that the book becomes mystical because of them.

Marianna Oklejak: A magical adventure | Poland

Marianna Oklejak’s books are greatly influenced by Polish folklore, her main inspiration is folk art, which she conveys in a modern way. The A magical adventure also draws inspiration from this, but it also contains other eye-catching elements. The book is an activity publication, in which visual tools play an important role.

Joanna Gębal: We understand each other without words | Poland

How do plants communicate with each other? How long does the voice of a whale reach? A book on methods of communication between plants and animals in a simple look.

László Herbszt: What would Frida Kahlo do? | Hungary

László Herbszt’s well-known geometric, yet soft forms this time adorn the faces of exceptional women. He illustrated the book of E. Foley and B. Coates, which is getting published this spring, on women’s fates, that is both a series of real fairy tales and an informative, motivational book for young people and adults.

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