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Cards may seem simple, as they don’t necessarily come with a board or piece, but that’s why they have endless possibilities. In our selection, we now present solutions that enchant us with their unique concepts and illustrations by talented regional artists.

Memorable conversations

Körvonal was created in Hungary during the pandemic by Inez Priger creative brand. The deck of cards was co-designed by Inez and graphic designer Zsuzsi Erdélyi. Körvonal 2 works the same as the first version, but the questions are new: all we have to do is draw a card and answer the question! The point of the game is to bond and get to know each other.

Collection of miniature works of art

The Illustrart from Cluj-Napoca aims to bring together contemporary illustrators and audiences in Romania. When making the latest version of the Măscărici card game, twenty-eight illustrators came together and each presented a fairy tale with their distinctive style.

Mysteries for little detectives

The peculiar characters of Guess Who? Spot The Bad Guy! are the product of the imagination of Elena Pokaleva, a Russian native who works as an illustrator in Prague. The point of the game is for the kids to find, among other things, those who did the wrong thing. They have to look for revealing little details that expose amateur criminals with different characteristics.

Aliens invading the Earth

Nikola Kucharska, the dreamer of the detailed world of the UFO card game, works in Wrocław, Poland. Players take part in an extraterrestrial invasion in which they can kidnap farmers and farm animals using flying saucers.

Legendary card magic

The card game, designed by New Garden Society, a design studio in Novi Sad, Serbia, was inspired by S.W. Erdnase’s book The Expert at the Card Table. His writings describing card tricks and cheats have been published since 1902. The author used a pseudonym, his true identity is also unknown to the magical community.

Körvonal | Web | Facebook | Instagram 
Illustrart | Web | Facebook | InstagramBehance 
Elena Pokaleva | Facebook | InstagramBehance
Nikola Kucharska | Web Facebook | Instagram | Behance 
New Garden Society | Web | Facebook | InstagramBehance

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