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Csepel gets a new identity and website

For almost a century, the Csepel bicycle brand has been a dominant player in the cycling world, and now it has a new identity and website, that will have an impact on products, stores and partners in the distribution network.

“It’s a real challenge, renewing a brand that everyone in Hungary knows and loves with service design tools,” pointed out product-service strategist Juli Mata, who started examining ways of utilizing service design tools in the development of Csepel Bikes’ operations and performance in March 2020, as part of an EU-application.

New identity-related elements will first be introduced on online platforms such as the website and social media, and they will gradually roll out later on in two Budapest-based brand stores and in the partner network’s stores.

The former logo (left) and the new one (right)

Source: Kreativ.hu

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