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Design shops in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Have you ever stepped into a store and had the feeling that you have arrived at the right place? We were looking for such places for our selection today: shops that will surely leave you speechless when you enter. From the limited series of unique designer pieces to the small number of products made in the spirit of environmental awareness to the masterpieces of handicraft technology, you will find everything in the following places. Discover the coolest design shops in Eastern Europe!

Rzeczy Same | Poland

Polish design from Polish designers: the Rzeczy Same offers unique pieces for those who appreciate not only beauty but also functional and original solutions. For people who are looking for a story in an object. You can choose from pieces of furniture, lamps, ceramics, textiles, posters, as well as stationery, jewelry and bags in the design shop in the Podgórze district of Kraków.

 CZECHDESIGN Shop | Czech Republic

With the familiar name (which includes one of the leading design magazines and platforms in the Czech Republic), in addition to the webshop, there is now also a unique design store. The CZECHDESIGN selection features the bests of Czech design, forming a bridge between the designer and the audience. They provide a platform for contemporary Czech designers, allowing their work to reach design lovers directly.

VOLTA | Austria

Scandinavian chic and minimalist design with a touch of twist. The VOLTA concept store in Vienna is a real treasure trove for those looking for special, assorted household items, pieces of furniture and handicrafts. 

Formadoma | Slovenia

Walking in Ljubljana, it is worth visiting the Formadoma store. The small design boutique is a real jewelry box for the Slovenian capital, the kind of place from which we can collect not only the pieces that adorn our home, but also a lot of inspiration. In support of sustainability, they offer products from brands whose production takes place in at least one phase in the environment from which they originate. Their ultimate goal is to launch their own design pieces, designed and made entirely in Slovenia, under the name Formadoma.

Printa | Hungary

Design shop, art gallery and screen printing studio: in Printa, located in the center of Budapest, you will find all three. First, perhaps we can catch our eye on wonderful garments made from recycled, organic and innovative raw materials as we enter the store space. Each product has an approach supported by Printa, combining traditional craft techniques with modern technical possibilities, constantly looking for sustainable options: thanks to this, we can find high-quality, beautiful and practical pieces here. 

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