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Discover Eastern Europe from a bird’s eye view! | TOP 5

The countries of Eastern Europe are full of more and more beautiful sights, be it historic old towns, modern housing estates, diverse mountains, wonderful lakes or inviting beaches. Luckily, the amazing sight has inspired more photographers, so in our selection today, we’ll show you five Instagram accounts that showcase the region’s attractions from a dizzying perspective as you’ve never seen before!


In the beautifully composed images of B a ł t y k, we can get to know a thousand faces of the Baltic Sea from above as it changes from season to season. Be it sparkling summer, colorful autumn or snowy winter, sunshine or night, the wonderful sight is guaranteed.


Andrei captures the locations of his travels from a height in his stunning drone pictures. Whether the streets of Bucharest, the deep blue waters of the Black Sea, the coasts of Bulgaria or the snow-capped Swiss Alps, they all offer an amazing view from such heights.


Tennis courts, poppy fields, housing estates or winding country roads—amazing pictures by Evgeniy Belan present the everyday life of Kyiv and the sights of Ukraine from a perspective you’ve never seen before.


Fran is a true fan of Croatia and the magical shores of the Adriatic Sea, as are we. Through his aerial photographs, we can also tour the most popular cities and hidden treasures, and thanks to the short descriptions of the pictures, we can also learn more about the given location.


Last but not least, we recommend the amazing landscape photos of Aleksandar Bubanja. Seeing the diverse mountains and azure waters of Serbia, who wouldn’t feel like hiking?

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