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Downtown bustle in a fairytale setting | Alice Terrace

We all have our favorite summer spots in Budapest, but new additions to the repertoire are always welcome. Alice Hotel is situated in the imposing setting of Andrássy Avenue surrounded by villas and has been a gem of the Budapest boulevard since the late 1870s. This is where we can find Alice Terrace x Veuve Clicquot Garden, which offers real refreshment and relaxation in the city center with its new selection.

With its unique services and menu, the hotel, which is one of the most particular buildings evoking the past of our capital, is also a customer favorite. Recently opened Alice Hotel welcomes guests in the hotel garden seven days a week, and we had the opportunity to attend the opening ceremony in the event of their cooperation with Veuve Clicquot.

We tasted Veuve Cliquot’s champagne called ‘Rich,’ which we prepared for ourselves following the instructions of the skilled staff, while curated snacks made the evening even more pleasant. Alice Terrace features almost all champagnes of Veuve Cliquot that are distributed in Hungary, most of them even by the glass so that guests can sparkle up their meals with a glass of bubbly anytime. Gastronomy lovers can pick from three variations of the ‘Uzsi&Bubi’ selection, so fans of classic flavors, healthy snacks, and those with a sweet tooth can all find their favorite combinations. Snacks feature special sandwiches, delicious cakes, and other tasty bites.

In the opening ceremony, not only the champagne and the dishes were put in focus, but the new interior design of Alice Hotel was also presented to the guests. We could take a peek at the rooms, learned the story of Alice, the namesake of the building, and about the special characteristics and repeating symbols of the hotel spaces.

The villa, designed by Mór Kallina and purchased by Baron Manfréd Weiss and his wife, Alice Weiss in 1894, served as a popular meeting point of the upper middle classes. The hotel still evokes the Golden Age of Budapest and the stories of former owners, so guests are invited on a cultural journey in time, where they can get an insight into the everyday life of the former aristocracy. The hotel, opened in 2020, was named after Alice, who supported her husband in everything, raised their children in love and lived in this villa for the rest of her life.

The freshly renovated exterior of the Alice Hotel offers a pleasant atmosphere for groups of friends looking for relaxation, couples looking for a romantic setting or anyone who doesn’t want to leave the city center, yet still seeks a sophisticated, bourgeois atmosphere. The cherry on top is that you don’t need to leave your four-legged friends behind, either, as Alice Hotel is a dog-friendly place.

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