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Dresses for your guilt-free wedding cake

When it comes to your Big Day the only thing that matters is to live the moment to the fullest and do not be limited by anything, especially your dress. This is the philosophy behind the Czech wedding dress brand, SOBJE. The brand of Tereza Jelenová and Iva Burkertová is an alternative to extravagantly ornamented, uncomfortable bridal wear.

Known as the “little sister” of the Czech dress brand ODIVI, SOBJE provides a breath of fresh air among the region’s wedding dress brands. This is because, in contrast to conventional fabrics, lines, and structures, the designers have made everything from the choice of fabrics to the cutting lines a matter of comfort.

“We started six years ago when there were mostly only rentals with “wedding cake” type of dress and girls around us started getting married so we wanted for them some minimalist pieces which are also comfortable to wear, to dance, to eat in. And we were lucky that there were also the brides who felt it the same way,” say the designers.

Wearing a SOBJE wedding dress means you can dance until dawn without having to worry about your size when you eat a piece of your wedding cake. All this comes with simpler, sometimes even provocative solutions incorporated in their collections and in the unique pieces replacing the traditional silhouettes. SOBJE believes in sustainable solutions, which is why they strive to create garments that can be worn not only on your big day but on other occasions as well. Therefore dresses are often made of two pieces, a top and a bottom part. Their modular, minimalist, and sophisticated pieces are made locally and mainly out of local materials.

The designers prefer simple, comfortable fabrics with pleasant touch, often working with satin, chiffon, and elastic, sometimes with lace. One of the most interesting requests they got was from a bride asking for her dress to be designed with thin pieces of lace she had received from her future father-in-law, who owned a lingerie company.

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