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DRK Budapest Skate Open: cash prize international skateboarding competition in the heart of Budapest

On 28 May, Budapest’s Erzsébet Square will be filled with the vibes of the 2nd DRK Budapest Skate Open. Njoy Service, who has more than 10 years of experience in board sports, Dorko and Funkyzeit, will kick off the season with an international cash prize competition and a big skate party, putting Hungary back on the European skateboarding map.

The head organizer of the event is Njoy Service, a company dedicated to organizing sports camps, adventure tours and action sports events and a big supporter of the development of Hungarian competitive skateboarding.

While their first tournament had a total prize pool of just €150, on May 28, the best skaters will be able to pocket almost ten times that amount. “We have a big dream to create a real European competition here in the heart of Budapest. The infrastructure is slowly being put in place. We are trying to fulfil this dream with the 2nd DRK Budapest Skate Open, which we plan to develop into an internationally renowned annual competition series,” says Benedek Gaál, founder of Njoy Service.

In the free daytime program, alongside a wide range of spectacular competition categories, Turner, Rocksteady and BA10 will set the mood with their performances. After the awards ceremony, the event will move to the Terminal building right next to the track, where, thanks to Telekom Electronic Beats, the organizers of Funkyzeit will join forces with the usual strong Hungarian DJ line-up and an exceptional Italian duo, Alessandro Parlatore and Marcello Giordani aka Marvin & Guy, who will give the beat until dawn.

You can find out more about the event here.

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