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Dubai has turned into a jungle

Jyo John Mulloor is a digital artist who created the project #LetItBloomDubai, which turned Dubai into lush greenery. Earlier, the artist ‘painted’ the bigger city of the United Arab Emirates as a winter landscape, covering its major sights in snow.

The fascinating creation has now entered in a new phase, with the dream-inspired snowy landscape is replaced by lush verdure. The biggest driver of Mulloor’s work, which includes several initiatives, is global warming. On the one hand, project supporters can “plant” a tree in the emirate, and on the other hand, it is being used to raise awareness and draw attention to it through photo filters on the apps we use.

The Indian-born artist currently lives in Dubai with his family and wants to raise awareness to the environmental changes he is experiencing by creating digital images using 3D technology.

Photos: Jyo John Mulloor

Source: The National News

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