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Earphones showing all parts

The high-tech brand, Nothing, stands out from its competitors with an unusual solution: they have launched an earphone that does not hide its internal mechanism.

The brand’s debut product, the Nothing Ear (1) Bluetooth earphones, stands out for its promising specifications and transparent appearance. The tool gives us a glimpse into the inner structure of a much-seen and often-used product type, that we as users know little about. You can see the printed circuit board, the magnets and the microphone, but none of this gives you a feeling of a home tinkered earphone.

With its 4.7 grams, the Nothing Ear (1) is smaller, more comfortable and lighter than Apple’s equivalent product, and it’s also more affordable than other devices currently on the market. The headphones can be used with or without noise cancellation, and acoustic parameters can be adjusted via an app that can be paired with the device. The transparent case has a built-in fast chargerjust ten minutes of charging gives you enough power for ninety minutes of listening.

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