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Edible beetles in vibrant colors | BUGBAG

The inclusion of edible beetles in our diet has been recommended for years by researchers and experts in the field, yet many still resent their consumption. However, with the ingenious packaging of the brand BUGBAG, which sells edible arthropods, they want to make the appearance of non-ordinary food more attractive to everyone.

The cheerful identity with striking colors was created by the team of the Polish Halo Creative Studio, who tried to depict crickets and worms as part of several types of menus. The brand name is highlighted in capital letters on the label of the different packaging, and the logo is accompanied by a smiling beetle. Creative graphics on the ads of the campaign and on the side of the boxes illustrate the beneficial effects of consuming beetles. For example, a salmon contains the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids as crickets in the form of a protein bar. While the brand promoting the planet-friendly diet is doing its best to get appetizing and aesthetic dishes on our plate, the look of earthworms enclosed in jars is undoubtedly something people, who are still averse to eating beetles, have to get used to.

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