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Elegance and ice cream colors dominate the confectionery of the small Hungarian town

The café and confectionery in Nagykáta, 65 km from Budapest, got an interior, which is remarkable even from a regional perspective. In addition to the ice cream colors, simple, yet effective interior design solutions make the place unique, created by Fanni Bodrogi and András Hitka.

The interior of the café and confectionery in Nagykáta takes us back to the café milieu of the twentieth century and reveals a very fresh, contemporary design approach. Fanni Bodrogi and András Hitka have succeeded in what many fail—they have created a space that is both charming and high quality.

The client is the youngest member of a local confectionery family who asked the designers to remodel the business premises taken over from their grandmother. They sought to create a space where a kind, fabulous world welcomes us.

It’s very inspiring for us to become part of a family story, we love it when something has a past. The client wanted a place that would not only attracts guests, but also make them stay. An embracing space where people like to spend their time, where a returning community can develop,” they say.

Due to the size and function of the room, the designers aimed to create a community space with a familiar, lovable atmosphere. They went back to the beginning of the 20th century for inspiration—they were captivated by the atmosphere, elegance and use of quality materials in the cafés of the time, and they began to design in the spirit of these. The emblematic object of the age, the Thonet chair, was also snuck into the interior in a natural ash version with a velvet seat.

Apart from the Thonet chair, the other furniture and interior design elements are all custom-designed. As we enter the space, our attention turns to the counter, which has a ribbed covering on the side that also runs on the walls.

The shape of the counter was highlighted with a color border running through the ceiling and LED lighting repeating the arch of the counter. The rounded, curved shapes and ribbed, textured surfaces make the space look nice. We ignored the sharp lines and the angular shapesthere is something fundamentally inclusive in the curves,” says Fanni Bodrogi.

In addition to the curved lines, the colors make the space really lovable. Deep green, warm peach and pistachio green go beyond the cookie counter’s range—these shades dominate the interior design elements, furniture and objects in the space. The designers also paid special attention to the precise design of each junction, the harmonious variety of geometric shapes and the unique lighting that creates an intimate atmosphere.

Társas Café
1/C Dózsa György Road, 2760 Nagykáta

Photos: Áron Erdőháti

Interior designers:
Fanni Bodrogi | Web | Instagram
András Hitka | Instagram

3D Visual designer: Attila Zengővári
Carpenter: András Mach

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