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Eternal season on the Lovšin estate

Hiding in the Slovenian Križevska region there is an idyllic area, a perfect place to relax, yet untouched enough: the Lovšin family has been operating the estate for almost twenty years, where nature still plays a major role to this day.

The Lovšin estate is located near the Kolpa River, on an old mill farm, the largest plot in the whole of Bela Krajina. There is a constant attraction on the family estate: the landscape shows a different face in all four seasons, and as a result, special attention is paid to the care and use of seasonal fruits and specialties. As a result, guests are always welcomed with seasonal syrups and fruit.

Nature lovers staying at the property can choose from several alternatives: glamping, camping and caravan accommodation. The estate and camp are suitable for families, couples, dog owners or even lone wolves to rest. The local juices and ingredients already mentioned are available in the catering units.

However, the fun knows no seasonal boundaries, so there is something exciting every month: from spring to early autumn the water is the main attraction, you can kayak, use sups or swim in Kolpa, and in the colder period, easy hiking is the favorite while admiring nature in its unparalleled cycle.

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