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Even experts are dazzled by these special gourmet shops in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Although our food shopping habits are truly different and may vary from person to person, the majority agree that the overwhelming crowds of the shops—which we can expect most in the late afternoon and early evening—the queues at the registers and the long minutes of waiting are all factors that make this weekly activity unpleasant and exhausting. It is no coincidence that smaller shops selling gourmet products are becoming more and more popular, where customers can browse premium goods in a calm and exclusive environment. In today’s selection, we present the region’s most special delicatessens!

Delizia Gourmet & More | Budapest, Hungary

In Delizia, based in Budapest, everything is about conscious and healthy nutrition: their food comes from Europe’s best bio economies and long-standing manufactories. In addition to their impeccable quality, free of all harmful and artificial materials, they also welcome gastronomy lovers with antipasti selection, tastings and merchandise shows!

The House of Cheese | Warsaw, Poland

If we’re looking for cheese lovers’ paradise on Earth, we just have to travel to Warsaw. The House of Cheese features over 200 varieties of cheese from around the world and no fewer than 50 varieties of wine specialties. Let’s admit, it would be difficult to leave the intoxication of fine, aromatic, hard, soft sheep, goat and cow cheese empty-handed!

Kraševka | Ljubljana, Slovenia

One of the most beautiful regions of Slovenia is undoubtedly Kras, which is famous for its unique natural characteristics and special flavors. Kraševka from Ljubljana, which sells homemade handicrafts, takes its name from this wonderful landscape. The shop, which offers Slovenian wines, olive oil from Istria, pumpkin seed oil, meat and dairy products from northern Slovenia, offers a closer look at the gastronomic treasures of this special region.

Julius Meinl am Graben | Vienna, Austria

In the heart of Vienna, inside a luxurious, renovated building, this multi-level, huge area Julius Meinl am Gaben set to become the world’s best delicatessen! The store, referred to as the gourmet mecca, has already gained international fame for a reason: more than 17,000 products from 100 different countries can be selected from those who like unusual food.

La Bottega Gastronomica | Prague, Czech Republic

In Gastronomica, Prague, where Italian gourmet food is sold, you will find a variety of olive oils, freshly baked pastries, a premium selection of fish and meat, and amazing kinds of pasta. If you get hungry while shopping, you don’t have to go far, as you can also taste eye-catching cakes in the store!

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