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Exceptional meeting of a bygone era and contemporary architecture | WineList wine bar

The older a wine is, the tastier and juicier it gets—a basic principle known even to those who do not regularly consume the alcoholic juice made from grapes. But does this fact apply to the various wine bars as well? Do buildings with a long history create a better environment for an exclusive wine tasting than modern restaurants? According to the WineList wine bar in Prague, the perfect solution is for the historical and contemporary structural elements to mix harmoniously in the interior, creating the perfect composition.

Located in the eighth district of Prague, the winery has two floors: a smaller ground-floor unit with a softer character, connected by a spacious staircase to the grand cellar, surrounded by brick walls. The ground floor was designed as a daylight bar, so different shades of white and light gray dominate here, but in the cellar, which is suitable for evening programs, we can see dark colors.

During the project, the professional team of the Collarch studio tried to preserve the original covers as much as possible, so that the arches decorating the ceiling or even technical solutions such as the ventilation system could be preserved, which was probably built in later. The creative combination of old and new surfaces is unified by the high quality polished oak seats and the furniture with a simple design, which add a pleasant vibe to the otherwise very complicated and complex space.

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