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Exceptional tastes with fabulous surroundings—the best street food places in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The dilemma is familiar to everyone when we want to have a delicious lunch or dinner with our family, friends, or perhaps a larger company, but we can’t find a solution when choosing the right restaurant, because everyone wants different kinds of food. However, it is not worth getting into serious debates, as there are more and more street food trucks and places in the big cities of the region. In today’s selection, we present shopping areas, gardens and courtyards from Eastern Europe, where you can taste a wide range of international cuisine!

Street Food Park | Bratislava, Slovakia

There is nothing like having a few ice-cold beers with our friends after a big dinner, especially if we can combine this program with a pleasant trip to the Bratislava market hall, where craft breweries and modern restaurants await us. Before we go, it is worth studying the Facebook page of the hall, as in addition to the permanent indoor offer, we can also visit food trucks stationed in the park in front of the building once a month!

Naschmarkt | Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt is by far the most famous and lavish market in Vienna, where you can find not only high-quality food but also restaurants that are a real specialty. From premium street foods to simple hot dogs, there are all kinds of dishes, but if you want something truly authentic, you should try the traditional Vienna sausage and Leberkäse wrapped in bread.

Food Hall Powiśle | Warsaw, Poland

The dining hall at Elektrownia Powiśle plaza is a real curiosity, as there are 17 stylish street food restaurants based on special concepts instead of well-known fast-food restaurants. The building, which originally operated as a power plant, opened its doors to the public in May 2020, and gastronomy lovers still marvel at the extraordinary facility.

Karaván courtyard | Budapest, Hungary

If you are hungry walking through the streets of the city, it is worth visiting the Karaván courtyard, also known as the paradise of Budapest street food, which is located in the heart of the seventh district. From those who like special dishes to those who follow a vegan diet, everyone can find the menu that suits them best. Fans of Hungarian cuisine do not have to worry, either: from the classic lángos to the chimney cake, you can choose from a variety of Hungarian specialties.

Open Kitchen | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Many people do not even know that the Slovenian capital, which places great emphasis on culinary delights, is a real Mecca for gourmets. Many modern restaurants, snack places and new wave shops are waiting for the hungry tourists, but if you want to mingle in the urban crowd as well, it is worth visiting Pogačarjev Square on Fridays, where you can find everything from Asian cuisine to organic vegan food!

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