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Exciting graphics, stunning interiors—cafés from the region with a stylish identity | TOP 5

Dazzling sunshine, freshly baked pastries, specialty coffee with a delicious smell and, of course, a pleasant terrace on a cozy street in the city center—you would think that all the conditions are in place to open the perfect café! However, in addition to the quality of the coffee, it is worth emphasizing the smallest details! A logo with interesting visual solutions, a special interior or exciting graphics on the drink menu are all factors that contribute to the maximum experience in appearance and quality of a catering unit. Therefore, after the restaurants, we have now collected the most stylish café identities from Eastern Europe.

Pöti Kávé | Dunakeszi, Hungary

Dunakeszi’s first specialty coffee shop has the name “Pöti” for a reason: the game with the word “small” (“pöti” is how Hungarians pronounce “petit”, which means small) refers to the size of the store. Pöti has a tiny floor area, but it is characterized by its hand-drawn logo that can be easily remembered, as well as funky characters who want to bring certain types of caffeine lovers to life in the various elements of the identity.

Pop Up Coffee Shop | Krakow, Poland

Pop Up, created with a lot of passion and more experience, wants to be new and unique in every respect, which is fully reflected in the appearance of their bright, colorful and not boring business. They say really high-quality coffee without sugar is the best! And besides, who needs sweet flavors when the joy of the identity fills you with energy all day long?

Danisánt Cafe | Prague, Czech Republic

A place to relax for a moment and enjoy your coffee in a harmonious environment, read quietly or chat with a friend in an intimate atmosphere: this is Danisánt! This special atmosphere can be matched by fine lines, black and white colors and a minimalist interior.


What makes a seemingly average downtown café special? If it can constantly reflect the changes in the world that never stops around it! And what better way to illustrate this than with the motifs of the seasons? The colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter are reflected in the illustrations and takeaway paper cups of SPILKA according to the current month!

Photos: behance.net

Social Bistro & Coffee | Sighetu Marmației, Romania

Social Bistro & Coffee aims to promote healthy life-supporting ingredients in all areas of catering. Naturalness has a prominent role not only in the composition of foods and different types of coffee, but also in their logo and the details of the whole identity. Their choice fell on the swan precisely because the bird embodies the elegant, graceful appearance and the close connection with the wildlife at the same time.

Photos: behance.net

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