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Exhibition opens for a hundred years of Czech-Japanese architecture | Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

The latest exhibition at the Fragner Gallery in Prague explores the interactions between Czech and Japanese architecture. The exhibition 1920–2020 Prague—Tokyo / Exchanges, Parallels, Common Visions was made on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the relationship between the two countries.

Although the architectural relationship between Japan and the Czech Republic began as early as the premodern era, with the then popular Japonisme, a deep interest in the architecture of the two countries did not really develop until the late 1920s. It was at this time that the systematic study and research of Japanese architecture began, and on the other hand, Japanese architects also began to map the Czech architectural scene. The architecture of the two countries has interacted over the years, and the exhibition points out its problems and characteristics. The exhibition deliberately does not approach the subject in chronological order, presenting it thematically instead, with a historical panorama—including the phenomenon of Japanese aesthetics or glass—thus providing an insight into the common architectural vision of the two countries. A publication of three hundred pages was also written for the exhibition, with contributions from more than twenty Czech and Japanese historians, theorists and architects. The exhibition is open until June 13.

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