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What makes a dish perfect? Even though the secret is not that big—one only needs to let the true flavor and colors of the ingredients shine—many still get lost along the way. Luckily, Viblance has been helping the curious adventurers explore the fantastic world of whole-food, plant-based meals for long, and the story recently arrived to a new milestone.

Everything started with the friendship of the founders, Zsolt Babocsai and David Vermeersch, as well as their desire to reform their own way of eating first and then that of the public, too. The task wasn’t easy: practically they had to re-learn the ingredients and the ways of food preparation that were beneficial to them. This is how they found the whole-food plant-based diet (WFPB) that follows principles similar to those of veganism and offers countless of benefits: the plant-based ingredients are not only rich in micro and macro nutrients, but also offer an unmatched taste experience. Of course there will always be stereotypes: healthy eating is sometimes misunderstood and people tend to associate it with tasteless and boring dishes lacking fantasy, but Zsolt and David knew it was the right path to take. As a start, they went for one of the most painful points: the question of breakfast.

For many, this is the most important meal of the day, yet decades have gone by while the majority of people only grabbed some pastry on the way to work and didn’t dedicate time to a peaceful breakfast rich in nutrients and flavors. The granola was the first product type the founders fell in absolute love with—as someone of Belgian origin, David has been to tremendous breakfast places where this alternative enjoyed great popularity. Sugary breakfast cereals have been available in Hungary before, but granola is something entirely different: it means crunchy bites made of oats, oilseeds and spices, sweetened with maple syrup and coconut flower nectar and toasted with olive oil, without any aromas, flavor enhancers or colorants added. There was nothing of the kind in the Hungarian market in 2016, so the guys started experimenting and tasting right away, then they went out to sell their products on markets after opening a small plant in Buda, to see whether there was demand for their idea. And there indeed was, so Viblance launched as a pioneer in the field. Their name is made up of the words vitality and balance, which reflects on the organic balance the aspiration for a healthier life ensures.

Viblance soon became a favorite of the audience, and they started a massive development with an expanding team. Initially, they took care of everything in-house (including manufacturing, packaging, and designing the visual identity), but this is what made the brand truly authentic. Even though they had limited resources, they didn’t compromise in anything, especially not in product development—their pecan granola, for instance, existed in a hundred versions before it took its final form. Finding the best ingredients and then conveying them to the target audience was not without bumps, but time proves them right, and so they have already debuted new flavors and ideas since then. The palette expanded with crunchy mueslis (the lighter version of granola with superfoods and lyophilized fruit), then creamy super porridges—of course everything made of rich, nutritious ingredients, free from lactose, gluten and added sugar.

Even though they loved the transparent packaging that showed the mouth-watering content, they recently felt that it was time for the premium quality to also echo in the product’s appearance. Szani Mészáros has already designed a complete visual identity for Anjuna before, and since the Viblance guys are friends with the team of Anjuna, they asked Szani to work with them: they knew she would be able to implement their vision. They wanted to bring their products to a new life and wanted the boxes to show the colorful characters they have always imagined. Szani knew exactly how she could make their dream come true. The new packaging presents a magical world full of treasures that calls on us to explore life’s miracles. Every product comes with its own character—what they all share is the desire to understand, the joy of adventures and the inner harmony that is born when we embrace and experience each moment in its fullness.

Viblance is not a mere breakfast or granola brand: it is a committed representative of the idea that we can live better and more healthily and that meals help us on this road—the new brand identity is only the first step, soon you’ll be able to meet new products on the stores’ shelves, and on top, they are also working on a comprehensive platform that will explore the benefits of a plant-based diet and a reformed way of living from as many perspectives as possible, with the inclusion of experts.

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