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Extraordinary patterns and noble textures dominate the interior of the apartment building in Lodz

There are many inspiring, eye-catching and trendy interior design concepts in the world of Pinterest, but what makes them truly unique? A special object, a mix of stylistic eras, or even an exciting visual element that is difficult to interpret at first sight? In the new design of the Polish-born Karolina Rochman Design, you will find a pinch of all of these.

The entrance of the apartment building in Lodz from 1938—as the gateway to an ancient treasury—is guarded by marble muscular guards of the house, which is why it was named The Atlant project. Deep inside the building, it is not difficult to compare it to the imprint of a former world, as the interior designer Karolina Rochman-Drohomirecka created a true sanctuary of relaxation and home. With its noble colors, materials, textures and boho contrasts, it evokes a mythical atmosphere in a modern environment. The secret of the authenticity of the spaces can be found in the impressions of the past decades emerging in the present, since a little tenderness and clever renovation made it possible to restore the former splendor of many original elements.

The exquisite elements from the past include the ceiling decorated with plaster stuccos, which attracts attention with intense colors and a full glossy surface, but also the entrance and some interior doors, as well as the oak parquet are worth mentioning.

The powerful color palette is complemented by similarly intense patterns that belong to the wallpapers of the French brand Ananbô and the American brand Maison C. In addition, the apartment features products from international brands such as La Maison Pierre Frey, Farrow & Ball, Élitis, Eichholtz and Mis En Demeure, as well as customized furniture to decorate the interior. The unusual use of colors and textures is not a coincidence, as the designer of the apartment, Karolina, is a scientific expert on the extraordinary impact of colors on reality, and so it is the most expressive tool in her work.

Photos: PION Studio

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