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Fast food restaurant in the spirit of zen

Can a fast food restaurant be an island of tranquility? The question is answered brilliantly by the Yakusha Design studio in Kyiv, as they were responsible for the interior design and design solutions of the restaurant also in Kyiv, called Istetyka. Not only is the service in this place lightning fast, but the menu also includes healthy food. 

The base tone is given by the coarsely polished gypsum plaster and the columns made of exposed concrete. The philosophy of the design studio can be clearly felt in the interior: combining modern materials and techniques with traditions passed down from generation to generation.

We can find curved arched upholstered benches and huge round tables in the central space of the restaurant thanks to the Yakusha-owned Faina company. Environmental awareness played a major role in the design decisions during the construction. In addition to plastic, clay, paper, and other natural waste called ztista, developed by Faina, were also used.

Photos: Yevhenii Avramenko 

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Source: Label magazine

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