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Favorite interiors of the week_66

Each week, we share the most gorgeous, inspiring and coolest interiors that we’ve come across in the past few days. Here comes some perfect eye candy to browse through while sipping your Saturday morning coffee, which you can also use as inspiration for your own home. The heat has reached a level where it’s good to dream of cooling interiors again—this week’s selection provides the perfect basis for this, including an Australian community office, a Portuguese holiday home and an extravagant Italian home.

On the border of office and home | Alexander & Co. | Sydney, Australia

Italian retro | Marcante Testa | Cavallermaggiore, Italy

Large villa with Bauhaus style | Loft Kolasiński | Poland

Spectacular space partitioning | Raúl Sánchez Architects | Barcelona, Spain

Chilling in a Portuguese holiday home | Atelier Rua | Portugal

Dreamy flower empire | Canobardin | Madrid, Spain

Classic Parisian apartment with terrace on Montmartre | Sloft | Párizs, France

(Featured photo: renovated house in Cavallermaggiore)

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