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Favorite places #4 │ Lilla Gollob

Népsziget is authentic, romantic and very loveable—and now Lilla Gollob, a member of our editorial staff will tell you why. Come and meet Kabin!

How would you introduce Kabin?

A bit farther away from the frequented places of downtown Budapest, Kabin is the first dog, bike and family-friendly riverside place in Népsziget. You can move around the two-person cabins of the place on the sandy riverside as you like depending on whether you long for a one-on-one convo or you arrived with a group of friends. There’s lots of greenery, the water is close and sunsets are incredible!

Why is this your favorite place?

I grew up in Újpest, so I spent a lot of time in Népsziget as a kid and I used to ride my bike a lot on the Újpest railway bridge. Then as a grownup, I regretted it a lot that here, in the outskirts of the city, there weren’t any cozy restaurants, so I always met my friends in the city center or on the Buda side. 

Then Kabin opened in 2017 and completely shook the area up: new restaurants and bars moved next to it every year, resulting in a vibrant day and nightlife. Even though I have moved one district closer to the center, it still is a great joy to me that finally I’m not the one arriving from the farthest place, I just get on my bike and get to Népsziget in a jiffy.

What’s your favorite product, what would you recommend here?

I must admit, my friends and I usually go there for a re-cup of draught beer, but their kitchen is divine, too. My favorite is their meat-free goat cheese burger, which comes in a pita bread with nachos and a home-made sauce. It’s also particularly nice when there are concerts while we are there, and this summer we’d love to catch an open cinema night at Kabin, too.


Address: 1044 Budapest, Zsilip Street (easily accessible from the Újpest-Városkapu metro station with bike or a ten minute walk)

Photos: Milán Rácmolnár

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