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Favorite places #6 | Márk Gelley

We all need a place where we can hide from prying eyes and refresh ourselves with a good coffee and a cake. The XII district is not only loved for its rich greenery, but also for the wonders you can find in the most unexpected places. Such as Nuance lunch&bar, a favorite spot of our editor Márk Gelley.

How would you introduce Nuance lunch&bar?

Nuance lunch&bar brings life to the café of the Barabás Villa for almost three years now, attracting groups of friends and families from Buda who wish to relax, and also providing outstanding services for many events and weddings. Rita Tomka and her husband, Bálint Major, the two managers of the bistro are trying to revive the former civic life in this cult place with a family atmosphere. As the villa of painter Miklós Barabás, the building is an excellent venue for high quality events as well as for pleasant rendezvous and meetings with friends. The environment, best described as an island of peace, is also suitable for teleworking, and the safe haven of the picturesque garden serves as a hub for people with young children, due to its proximity to the schools and playgrounds surrounding the Városmajor.

Why is this your favorite place?

Nuance has been part of my life for a long time now. I have many ties to the place, I have known Rita, the manager of the place, for almost ten years and she later asked me, in my role as a graphic designer, to create a new image for the newly launched café that would best reflect its character and identity. The brand’s manifesto and purpose resonate very strongly with me: having grown up in the area, I know and experience the need for sophisticated meeting places that promote true discussion and value creation.

What is your favorite product from them that you would recommend?

Nuance is more than just a café, there’s something delicious and filling for all ages at all hours of the day. The place has many ties to France—hence the name Nuance— here you can find both French pastries and monodesserts, as well as original French croissants and other pastries.

Personally, I really like small flavor bombs like lemon tarte or chocolate mousse. But on other occasions, I’ve had a rich egg breakfast with a good coffee and a real French baguette, freshly baked on the spot.  At lunchtime you can also choose from a heavenly selection of dishes, appreciated by those who work in the area, and served with friendliness.

Nuance lunch&bar

Address: 44 Városmajor Street, Budapest, 1122 (can be accessed from the garden of Villa Barabás)

Photos: Milán Rácmolnár

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