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Favorite places #7 | Sári Győri

It’s good to get on the road sometimes and explore distant places—if nothing else, with food. A little taste of Italy always brings back the sunshine, and luckily there are more and more authentic places to choose from in Budapest too. Scusi Focacceria has become a real hot spot in the last year, and our colleague Sári Győri’s favorite place!

How would you introduce Scusi Focacceria?

Scusi Focacceria, the finest sandwich shop in Budapest, opened in the midst of the epidemic last October under truly kamikaze circumstances and has since become an essential part of the vibrant life of Bródy Sándor Street. The owners fell so in love with this corner of Italian cuisine during a trip that they decided it was worth introducing the double-decker, chubby sandwiches to our tiny country. The soft focaccia slices are mostly filled with premium ingredients from Italy, but the vegetables and juices come from small local producers.

Why is this your favorite place?

I love Italian cuisine, and I love the Palace district. There’s always something going on in this neighborhood: street parties, community breakfasts, city walks—although most of the residents are students who have only moved here for a few years, thanks to local small business owners and creatives, a community is forming almost unnoticed in the middle of the 8th district. I lived for a couple of years in the college next door, and as a newcomer to the capital, I have benefited a lot from this welcoming environment. Scusi is also more than just a sandwich shop: the boys behind the counter sometimes hop over to the Baumgardt piano that sits enthroned in the shop, and you’ll also be treated to some classical music to enhance the delicious bites. If you’re lucky, you can also catch some spontaneous wine tasting or a new-flavor-combo-testing at 11 Bródy Sándor Street.

What is your favorite product from them that you would recommend?

For me, the slightly spicy, very Italian Porchetta-Nduja-Sardella sandwich is my favorite, and just one look at it, and you’re full. By the way, these sandwiches are huge, almost half a kilo, so you have to be really hungry to eat the whole thing. From the meat-free selection, the sea buckthorn sandwich is worth a try; it’s a very intense flavor combo with goat cheese and peanut butter.

Scusi Focacceria

Address: 1088 Budapest Bródy Sándor Street 11.

Photos: Milán Rácmolnár

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