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Focus on the birth of Hungarian digital culture

For the first time in Hungary, an interview volume entitled Digitális perspektívák (Digital Perspectives—free translation) was published, which examines how the era of the computer and digital visual culture began in Hungarian art. The publication, written and edited by Szilvia Seres, includes conversations from 2014 to 2021 with network scientist Albert-László Barabási, sculptor Ágnes Előd, art historian Miklós Peternák, architect Ádám Somlai-Fischer and animation and new media artist Tamás Waliczky.

Simply put, the focus of the research in the interview volume is on computers and computer telecommunications, on how the era of digital visual culture began in Hungarian art. The amount of creative work invested in the digital world has clearly increased in recent decades. There is no longer a need to invent “computer art” because it already exists and new forms of expression are constantly emerging in its focus. The user revolution has proven that the computer has become a stand-alone artistic tool in modern society.

The volume can be purchased at the ISBN art bookstore and contemporary art gallery, as well as at www.digikult.hu.

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