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For the city commuter’s dilemma: Pendler e-bike

Commuters who want to cycle to work are well aware that storing a bicycle easily and safely is already a difficult enough task. Benjamin Hubert’s creative studio, LAYER, was looking for a solution to this problem, and so the concept of the Pendler e-bike was born. 

They took a holistic view of the cyclist’s experience and needs, so the design and appearance of the e-bike became unconventional. The most striking detail is the U-shaped frame, which allows easy on and off regardless of the outfit worn. The name comes from the Danish word pendler, meaning commuter

The compact wheelbase, detachable wheels, and foldaway pedals and handles allow the commuter to easily store their bike once at the destination. The currently concept-only e-bike’s battery is more than sufficient to help cyclists to and fro for 70 kilometers on a single charge, at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour.

“We believe easy, everyday travel should be for everybody – and our aim with Pendler was to envisage a safer, more convenient and effortless mode of personal transport to enable independence for commuting in the city. The result is an intelligently designed e-bike that is inclusive, easy to store in compact urban spaces, and balances high performance with a desirable, crafted aesthetic,” explained Benjamin Hubert, founder of LAYER.

Photos: LAYER

Source: Design Milk

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