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Four playlists—our background music for December

To spice up the holiday preparations, and— while we have no objection to classic Christmas tunes either— to accompany your activities with some unconventional music, we’ve put together a few playlists for December—and of course, for any other occasion.

For four weeks, four members of Hype&Hyper have put together Spotify lists that accompany you from the last end-of-the-year parties through the transition into the festivities all the way to the most peaceful moments at home. Then, we are taking a final glimpse at the content, which we have marked with hearts this year, and look back at the big discoveries of 2021.

“My playlist is an intuitive collection of tracks that I’ve been listening to a lot this year and those that I’ve played frequently as a DJ/selector for others. I tried to bring similar vibes under one roof, with the common theme being sexual energy, soulful vibes, the head nod factor and the timeless positive energy: nod, flirt and live every minute of your life. I can talk for 5 minutes about each of the songs presented. Just ask!”

Bence Simon aka ‘Benski’

“I belong to that minority of people, who, with one or two exceptions, get the creeps from Christmas carols. So, I’ve picked songs that remind me of the Christmas break: the first half of the list I imagined as the backdrop to a friendly toast with dancing, and the second half as the final chord of an intimate family dinner, when the guests have gone and only those stay, who I really missed being with.”

Orsolya Gyöngy

“Lately, I’ve been looking for and appreciating more and more music that makes me feel calm. Each track on the list creates its own mood and emotion, whether it’s nostalgia, relaxation or something soul-touching—the melodies that are sometimes interspersed with bells and jazz, I can also recommend as a tension reliever and energizer. Towards the end, it’s even worth going for a crisp winter walk with it.

Nicolett Kovács

“New hits come and go, we discover evergreens and forget them for a while, as labels keep bewilderingly bombing us with new releases, a sea of music waits in the bookmark section to be re-listened. Fortunately, here we are, who always carefully and thoughtfully give our hearts to what really deserves it…

Dániel Silye

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