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From the food culture of Pécs to the versatile use of millet | Piqniq pack—Part 15

What makes Pécs a top destination for gastro-tourists? And what restaurants are worth visiting in this historic university town? How can we provide Sunday lunch for those in need? How can we make sweet or savory dishes from millet? Find out the answers in the latest and final episode of Piqniq pack!

ARTICLE: The city center is cool, Tettye is the bomb, but Pécs has to be visited for the gastronomy this year

Pécs is one of Hungary’s most beautiful cities—a fertile and diverse Mediterranean municipality visited by thousands of tourists every year for its vibrant university town atmosphere, stunning panoramic views of the Mecsek, and its architectural history. If all this wasn’t enough, the food and restaurant culture of the Baranya county seat has developed so much in recent years that it has become a bucket list destination for gastro-tourists. 

VIDEO: Don’t miss out on Pécs | We show you some of the coolest places and gastro-heads of Pécs!

Come with us on a trip to Pécs!

Join the Piqniq Budapest team for a three-day tour of trendy, interesting places, with the help of people from Pécs, and our tour guide Regina Galambos-Parti (Bakancslista Magyarország).

The focus is on gastronomy and we also offer a great summer program:

PÉCSI SZELET—Summer gastropicnic

VIDEO: Sunday lunch for those in need—It’s never too late to join in!

Eight years ago, a few enthusiastic friends started Heti Betevő (Weekly Meal—the Transl.). They don’t stop at the occasional food distribution, as every Sunday, they host people in need in Budapest and several country towns. There is a tremendous amount of logistics and organizational work behind this noble cause, with every helper doing their part to ensure that no one has to miss out on the joy of a Sunday lunch in the form of a restaurant-quality meal and other food donations. It’s never too late to get involved in this volunteer initiative. They are looking for help from kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, and volunteers.

What is millet good for?—Sweet and savory variations on a versatile ingredient

Millet is not only a great side dish, but can also be used in countless other ways in the kitchen. This simple, cheap, and easy-to-find ingredient can be the main component in a wide range of dishes, from vegetable milk to the main course of a Sunday lunch. Gábor Karalyos demonstrates how millet can be used to make sweet and savory meals, including millet patties, and millet dumplings, a vegan alternative to the well-known cottage cheese dumplings.

Photos: Piqniq Budapest
Video: Piqniq Budapest—Gergő

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