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A fusion of house and skate park

What makes this house in Rosario, Argentina, so special is that its external structure is completed by a curved skateboard ramp. Architect Macu Bulgubure created a fusion of house and skate park for his skater client, who wanted to add a training ramp to his home. The wooden frame structure of the house is transformed into a curved runway and continues as a canopy to protect the interior from the intense sunlight also during summer. Here we go!

The Macu Bulgubure-designed home is adapted to the climatic characteristics of the area: its structure is built on slightly raised wooden beams, which protect the house from the floods that often occur in the region. Electricity is generated by solar panels; water is supplied by a river and rainwater storage system, and hot water is produced by a solar heater tank. A black steel frame supports and connects the timber envelope with the main house, creating a strong color contrast with the natural wood surface. When dark, LED lights hidden in the ceiling allow the owner to use the skateboard ramp.

The architect has also used wood in the interior design to create cohesion between the interior and exterior spaces of the skatehouse. The dwelling includes a living area with a small fireplace and spacious kitchen, while a light timber staircase leads the residents to the upper level, where the sleeping areas and a bathroom are located. The façade is completed by large openings that offer captivating views of the surrounding landscape.

Photos: Walter Salcedo

Source: designboom

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