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Gen Z Italian elegance | Orazio’s

Orazio Scelsa of Italian and Hungarian roots proves to his age group how a piece of clothing can be comfortable and elegant at the same time, while also being very contemporary.

Named after his grandfather, 21-year-old Orazio launched his own fashion brand in 2020. Orazio is currently studying international relations in Milan, but he has already developed a fascination for the world of fashion in his teenage years—he has been blogging since 2016 and has managed to build a following of more than 15,000 on Instagram. Sophisticated taste and elegance pair with a laidback natural vibe in his case, and these give the basis of the Orazio’s brand as well, paying just as much attention to family traditions as the innovative mindset so characteristic of generation Z.

He only met his Italian grandfather, of whom he thinks sort of like and idol, through old photos and family stories. His personal belongings, and, especially his clothes, inspired the young titan to launch his brand. The brand’s ars poetica is defined by an exciting balance of classic and modern, old and new. The garments dreamed up by Orazio are made in a single size, with a unisex design—it is exactly this conscious attitude that makes it possible for everyone within the family to wear the pieces. The collections are hand-crafted in a Budapest-based family sewing shop, using premium quality ingredients only. They pay particular attention to sustainability both in terms of manufacturing and packaging—and the universal character of the garments also contributes to this.

Orazio’s has released two collections so far. Mind to Disturb reaches back to the line of classic tailored home- and leisurewear: the versatile pieces boasting elegant silhouettes were designed in a manner to provide maximum comfort both in-and outdoors. Orazio’s goal was to express the duality he experiences within the restraints of the epidemic in the varying mental states of freedom and isolation every day. The versatile cotton pajama collection encompasses three embroidered day sets and a turtleneck. The seven pieces were made with wide lapel collars, in comfy, daytime designs, in delicate colors with hand-written embroidered details.

In the case of the Endless Summer collection, Orazio strived to capture the essence of the creativity of two generations: one of the works of his artist father, Giuseppe Scelsa, provided the starting point of the collection. The collection consisting of five colorful pieces was inspired by the painting ‘Encounters’.

In addition to the T-shirts, the selection includes a short, a bandana and a bucket hat, which pair with each other perfectly. The campaign material was shot by the family in the course of a trip to Croatia, with an analog camera.

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