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Glass pavilion in the middle of the Spanish Gorafe Desert | OFIS Arhitekti

Is it possible to provide a safe haven in unfavorable landscapes such as a desert? The OFIS Arhitekti studio wanted to make this possible in one of the harshest natural environments in Europe, which is why this special building is located in the Gorafe Desert in Granada, southern Spain.

The mirrored glass pavilion offers not only a stunning panorama, but also safe protection. The studio has collaborated with the glass company Guardian Glass to develop the house to test the durability of the products, as temperatures in the desert rise above 40 degrees Celsius during the day and drop below freezing point at night, which can be dangerous with a weak glass wall.

The problem has been solved with SunGuard glass: this special thermal insulation glass covers the building, which also provides protection against the heat of the sun and strong winds, so you can safely enjoy the beauty of the wild landscape.

Photos: Gonzalo Botet and Jose Navarrete

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