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Gorgeous bus stations in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Everyone is aware of the benefits of public transport: it is environmentally friendly, ideally fast, and well-built, making it easy and practical to use. Thanks to the positive qualities listed above, millions of people get on a bus or tram every day. However, fewer of us realize that if we pause for a minute in the rush of everyday life and take a closer look at our surroundings, we can come across stations that are real masterpieces of architecture. Our selection is featuring some of these today!

Osijek | Croatia

Gleaming from afar even in the dim light of the night, the Osijek bus station is completely covered with glass panels that play with the lights projected on them in an exciting and truly aesthetic way. The roof structure of the modern station, dreamed up by the architectural firm Rechner, forms a wave that evokes the pleasant rocking of bus routes. There is a spacious underground garage under the two-story building and 16 bus platforms behind it.

Photos: Mario Romulic, Drazen Stojcic

Csenger | Hungary

The new bus station in Csenger was completed in the style of the Kossuth Prize-winning architect Imre Makovecz, on the site of the old hardware store. The curved roof structure and the white-painted walls, which provide a clean, tidy view, quickly attract the attention of the traveling public. Set in a lavish, landscaped setting, the station is also home to a variety of services.

Brno | Czech Republic

The Brno bus station is the best example of how to preserve the style characteristics of the brutalist movement in an old building while it is undergoing a complete refurbishment. The designers of CHYBIK + KRISTOF left the most important concrete elements in their original condition, while the walls were demolished and the structure of the ceiling was made visible.

Photos: Alex Shoots Buildings

Velenje | Slovenia

The bus station, not far from the center of Velenje, is almost floating in nothing. This unique concept is special not only for the layout, but also for the box-like cladding on the green support posts. The façade, decorated with small, dot-like gaps on a white background and designed by the team of Gužič Trplan Arhitekti, evokes well-known “departure” and “arrival” signs from the stations.

Photos: Miran Kambic

Nitra | Slovakia

Environmental awareness and minimalism characterize the Nitra bus station, which was designed by the designcité+ creative studio. An interesting feature of the station is that the seating, with its clean design, was provided by mmcité+, whose work can be found in Hungarian public spaces such as the shores of Lake Naplás or the Széllkapu Park.

Photos: hypeandhyper.com

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