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Gorgeous yet divisive—modern chapels in the region | TOP 5

The contemporary sacred architecture raises a number of questions, but minimalist churches and chapels appear one after the other. But perhaps we can all agree that there is something quite refreshing about the rethought sacral buildings—now we have brought you the most modern regional chapels.

Chapel Mary Magdalene | Zollfeld, Austria

The splendor of the chapel of Mary Magdalene, designed by Sacher.Locicero.Architects, is due to the imposing white concrete. The venue for family ceremonies and celebrations is a building that playfully blends into the intimate environment and is able to compete with the landscape with its simple outline.

Chapel of the Last Farewell | Rychwałd, Poland

The chapel near St. Nicholas Basilica is dominated by natural materials. Architects Bartlomiej Pyrzyk and Jakub Turbasa have fulfilled the dream of the local community and the Franciscans, who longed for a farewell place that preserves a centuries-old, slowly passing tradition of saying goodbye to the dead at home.

Chapel of St. Joseph | Slavětín, Czech Republic

The reconstruction of the Chapel of St. Joseph can be linked to the Atelier Tsunami architecture studio. The dilapidated building was saved by Rudolf Kasper and his wife, Renáta, who kept only the floor plan—and initiated the creation of a modern chapel. The interior is made unique by the wire figures of the sculptor, Veronika Psotková: the composition of the Holy Family is accompanied by angels.

Center, community space and chapel | Skorba, Slovenia

As the local people lacked a community space and wanted a new village center, the chapel was adapted to these needs by Enota studio. Another special feature of the project is that the locals also took part in the construction and raising the necessary funds to buy the plot. For this reason, the plan did not include high-tech solutions, and its use of materials is simple.

Chapel Schaufeljoch | Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

In memory of Dr. Heinrich Klier’s comrades, the chapel was made of raw concrete and steel, directly on a ridge. In the middle of the bustling ski area, AO Architekten has created an undisturbed opportunity for tranquility, contemplation and, last but not least, remembrance.

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