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Greener cities | TOP 5

It is now obsolete that our cities are dominated by smog and the noise of cars only: fortunately, nature has become increasingly prevalent in larger cities as well. In today’s selection, we present conservation projects that create symbiosis between nature and cities in an unusual way.

Krater | Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Krater , a temporary production site housed in an abandoned crater-like construction area in the center of Ljubljana. It focuses on the surface regeneration of the urban ecosystem and deals with projects that help to develop dialogue between invasive and other wild plants. In addition, many green projects are housed within the walls of Krater, such as an urban safe house for fish. The Lake of wishes describes the nature of the particular relationship between humans and fish in an interactive installation. The Krater also provides shelter for plants that people got bored of as part of an interdisciplinary project and hosts a number of ecological workshops.

EcoKajak | Gdańsk, Poland

The Polish city of Gdańsk offers free kayak rentals to those who agree to pick up trash from the river on their way. The city is popular with kayak and canoe enthusiasts because of its unique beauty, but unfortunately there are more and more rubbish along the Motława River. The ecoKajak campaign is organized by the local sports center, providing kayaks, water bikes and canoes for applicants. The criterion of the program is to collect at least 30 liters of garbage during the rowing.

Urban Metamorphosis and Pollination Operation | Szeged, Hungary

The Mondolo Association originally started as a traveling and environmentally friendly community, but now it has become the organizer of several conservation street arts and social projects. The most important projects include the Urban Metamorphosis program, which created animal-friendly art works on several old areas of Szeged. By reading the QR codes next to street arts, you can find tutorials and other videos about the status of the represented animal, so this is not only an exciting art project, but also an informative animal protection movement. The Pollination Operation also draws attention to the importance and risks of pollinators’ absence with a huge mural painting, as well as the provision of bee pastures and bee hotels at several locations. The Mondolo Association does not forget the re-supply: the Mondolo Club Mini talent-care camp presents the importance of nature protection to young people. The activities of the association are close to culture too, open-air cinemas with cult movies were organized in nature for several weekends last summer.

Activity Zone modern green space | Chorzów, Poland

The Activity Zone is a natural park where not only children can enjoy themselves. The square of the SLAS architectural studio is one of the green elements of the development plans of the Silesian Centre for Education and Interdisciplinary Research in Chorzów. The square is decorated with various colors and textures with varied plant elements, suggesting the harmony of the gardens at the end of the garden. One of the aims of the Activity Zone is to reach out to generations within a square.

Idyllic duck pond | Poznań, Poland

There’s no city park without toddling ducks! However, in order for the ducks to stay with us for a long time, it is important to take steps in their interest to make the urban environment more natural for them. So did the Onwater.pl Foundation with floating gardens in Poznań. Floating gardens have a very good effect on the ecosystem: they clean water, strengthen the presence of green vegetation in the city center and increase their biodiversity.

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