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Growth through sustainability | Interview with Alberto Di-Leo on corporate sustainability

In Alberto Di-Leo’s opinion, stable growth can be achieved while also ensuring sustainability, the circular economy is already shaping the future, and in a world where 2 billion are obese, while 1 billion go to sleep hungry every night, multinational corporations have a special responsibility when it comes to changing the future. Check out the video!

The Hype&Hyper team interviewed Alberto Di Leo, General Manager of Hungary and the Adriatic region of the Unilever Company at Planet Budapest 2021. During the interview, we discussed sustainability and the circular economy in the case of a large global company, as well as delving into the waste management programme of Unilever, the manufacturer of Domestos and the ice cream brand Magnum. We also talked about the consumer behaviour that has created a world where 2 billion people are obese, while 1 billion go to sleep hungry every night, as well corporate responsibility concerning these issues.

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