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Handmade chocolates | TOP 5

In our selection today, we will guide you into the exciting world of chocolates. All five brands are characterized by a craftsmanship process and an eternal spirit of experimentation to create the most perfect sweets possible.

Lyra Chocolate | Slovakia

For starters, we recommend the Lyra Chocolate manufactory in Slovakia. In addition to passionately making better-than-better chocolate specialties, the simple packaging and brand have also swept us off our feet.

Photos: lyrachocolate.com

Zotter Chocolate | Austria

With its unique appearance and even more unique chocolates, the Austrian Zotter is a real adventure even for those familiar with the world of chocolates.

Muri Chocolate | Romania

The first Romanian manufactory on our list is Muri Chocolate. Pralines and sweets made with incredible attention and precision can almost be seen as a work of art in both appearance and taste.

Photos: murichocolatier.ro

Harrer Chocolate | Hungary

The Harrer manufactory is located in Sopron, where traditional chocolate making is combined with modern techniques and innovative flavor combinations. For example, who would have thought that beetroot or paprika chocolate could be made in such a delicious way? Harrer’s team is constantly researching specialties like these, and then making masterful desserts out of them.

Photos: harrerchocolat.com

Thea’s Chocolate | Romania

To close our list, we arrive again in Romania, including Bucharest: here is the workshop of Thea’s Chocolate, which was initially started as a pilot project with the aim of creating the best tricks of chocolate-making to make high-quality chocolates. Today, they are one of the most popular handcrafted chocolate factories in Romania, where delicious desserts have been made with unbroken momentum ever since.

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Zotter Chocolate | Web | Facebook | Instagram
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Harrer Chocolate | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Thea’s Chocolate | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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