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Handwritten jottings or digital notes in the cloud? No need to choose!

Just as there is still a debate about whether a thick book or an e-book is the better solution, there is also a question as to whether handwritten thoughts in a notebook or digital notes stored in the cloud are more practical. Thanks to Moleskine’s solution, we no longer have to choose!

Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set offers digital note-taking features so you can get your sentences and drawings into the cloud before you finish them. The Smart Writing System 2.0, introduced by the brand, features a sophisticated pen and natural-feeling paper, as well as expanded functionality. The pen can be used to write or draw in the special notebook as usual, and the sensor captures the precise motion of the nib so it appears in the app. Plus, you can add more digital layers of information, export images, or create time-lapse videos from drawings and sketches.

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